Metal Spinning


Metal Spinning is an economical method of forming flat metal discs or pre-formed metal pieces on a metal spinning lathe into conical, hemispherical, cylindrical, or even complex shapes. The types of substrates able to be spun include cold rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze.  We can accommodate a swing (diameter + height) of up to 60”.

Although spinning may be one of the oldest methods of forming, the process has been modernized through the use of automated equipment. Forming via spinning gives you the ability to create intricate shapes at a fraction of the cost of other forming methodology.

Ace Industries maintains an extensive tool library which gives us the ability to form thousands of different parts small and large. This allows you to utilize our existing tools to save time and money.  Ace utilizes laser cutting technology to put custom cut outs into the spun part.

Typical items manufactured via spinning include: lighting components, chandelier rings, reflectors, HVAC components, gold pans, musical instrument parts, motor covers, vases, pizza pans, urns, machine parts, and point of purchase display components.

If you require custom tooling for a project, it is generally very cost effective and turnaround time is short compared to that required for construction of stamping dies. We have the advantage of in-house tool making so once we have your design, we can tool, form and finish your project quickly and cost-effectively.

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