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Metal Spinning is an economical method of forming flat metal discs or pre-formed metal pieces on a metal spinning lathe into conical, hemispherical, cylindrical, or even complex shapes. The types of substrates able to be spun include cold rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze.

  1. Raw material arrives in sheets or coils.  Material is first cut into smaller more manageable pieces called blanks.
  2. If the part requires it, a center hole is punched into the blank.
  3. A circle is cut out of the blank.
  4. The circle is mounted on one end of the spinning tool, called a spinning chuck. As the circle and chuck rotate on a lathe, a rolling tool stretches the circle over the form of the chuck.
  5. Secondary spinning operations are performed on complex shape parts.
  6. Parts are trimmed on the open end to produce a nice clean edge.
  7. A bead or return is put on the part if required.
  8. Secondary operations are performed for any special cutouts or part customizations.


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