Powder Coating


Powder Coating is the application of a resin and pigment to a surface in a uniform thickness. Special application equipment gives the powder an electrostatic charge, and broadcasts it toward the grounded surface. Once the powder has been applied it is heated, the resin will melt and liquefy. It will then chemically and mechanically adhere to the surface, and cure before it comes out of the oven. This results in a smooth, attractive, durable, and scratch resistant coating.

Why choose powder coating over other coating or plating processes?

• The process is environmentally safe
• An endless variety of colors, finishes and formulations
• High UV protection
• Excellent durability
• Cost effectiveness

Ace Industries works with all types of ferrous and nonferrous substrates including, steel, aluminum, stainless, cast iron, zinc and more.  We carry a wide range of colors in stock and have the ability to color match your perfect color.  We also carry powders for every application from powders that are UV resistant, to ones that are outdoor rated, to ones that are rated for high temperature use.  We even have the capability of applying translucent powders over our plated finishes for a truly unique application.  Our semi-automated powder coating system has the ability to accommodate parts as small and screws and nuts and as large as car hoods.

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