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Powder Coating is the application of a resin and pigment to a surface in a uniform thickness. Special application equipment gives the powder an electrostatic charge, and broadcasts it toward the grounded surface. Once the powder has been applied it is heated, the resin will melt and liquefy. It will then chemically and mechanically adhere to the surface, and cure before it comes out of the oven. This results in a smooth, attractive, durable, and scratch resistant coating.

  1. The conveyor on our semi-automated powder coating system will carry your part through a multi-stage wash and pretreatment system.  The part is first cleaned of any dirt, grease, or any other soils.
  2. Next, the part is treated for corrosion protection.
  3. The part is dried as it passes through the first chamber of the oven. The part must be completely dry prior to the application of powder.
  4. Powder is applied with an electrostatic gun.  The conveyor system is negatively charged.  Particles of powder are positively charged as they exit the gun.  The electrostatic differential causes the powder to be attracted to the surface of the part hanging on the conveyor.
  5. The part goes through the curing chamber of the oven.  The temperature of the oven and the speed of the conveyor vary depending on the powder being applied.
  6. Once the parts cool, they can be removed from the conveyor without leaving any marks or blemishes.


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